CONTESSA Online Monthly Meeting on Monday, December 7, 2020


The University of Graz and University of Colombo presented CONTESSA at the DAAD Conference. It was an online conference ‘Connecting Germany and South Asia – Fostering Partnerships in Higher Education.’ It was the first-ever online meeting to bring together the stakeholders of all DAAD-funded cooperation projects organized by DAAD India to celebrate the 60th Anniversary aimed at facilitating cross-learning and future collaborations. 100-125 people participated.

GENEME 2020, OCTOBER 7-9, 2020

Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler, Orkhan Jalilov, Manjula Vithanapathirana, Shironica P. Karunanayaka, Sandra Hummel, Bridget Sheehan presented CONTESSA at the 23th annual conference GeNeMe on “Communities in New Media” in Dresden with their submission entitles, “EduTech Implementation in a global higher education network. Empirical data from a field study in South Asia”.

HICEDUCATION 2020, JANUARY 4 – 7, 2020

Sandra Bohlinger presented CONTESSA at the 18th annual Hawaii International Conference on Education in Honolulu with her submission entitles, “Reforming teacher education by means of learner-centered pedagogy: The case of Cambodia” The goal of the conference was for education professionals around the world to “share their broad array of knowledge and perspectives.”