At OUSL, CONTESSA has been integrated into a pre-existing program. The below information outlines the details:

  • Degree level: Bachelor’s degree
  • Name of degree programBachelor of Education in Primary Education
  • Course volume:
    • Module 1: 5 credits as part of Perspectives in Teaching and Learning (EPU4531)
    • Module 2: 5 credits as part of Professional Role of Early Childhood & Primary Education Teachers (EPU4236)
    • Module 3: 3 credits as part of Reflective Learning (EPU4335)
    • Module 4: 2 credits as part of Inclusive Education in Primary School Setting (EPU6230)
    • Module 5: 2 credits as part of Educational Technology for Primary Education (EPU5552)
  • Optional or compulsory: Compulsory
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OUSL Approval Timeline