SAVE THE DATE - Final conference in Cambodia, Phnom Penh August 17-18, 2022
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At UoC, CONTESSA will be offered as a new degree program. The below information outlines the details:

  • Category: New degree program
  • Degree level: Postgraduate
  • Name of degree program: Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary education specialization). The Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is the mandatory professional qualification for the graduate teachers recognized by the Ministry of Education. The recruitment of graduate teachers at the primary level is on the rise. Hence, this PGDE with the primary education specialization will be the first to be offered in the country. The CONTESSA modules will be accompanied by a research report and ten weeks of teaching practice in a primary school.
  • Number of credits per module: Three
  • Optional or compulsory: Compulsory for those who want to complete their PGDE with a primary education specialization.
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