SAVE THE DATE - Final conference in Cambodia, Phnom Penh August 17-18, 2022
This work package will focus on creating a well-defined and sound dissemination strategy for CONTESSA that will lead to increased awareness of the project and help maximize its impact. In order to effectively reach as many interested stakeholders as possible, all project partners will contribute to the dissemination of CONTESSA throughout the project’s lifecycle. Partners will be encouraged to use all available dissemination channels including a project website, social media, local and national print and TV media, academic journals and presentation events. To ensure localized and more personal communication, each partner institution will also produce respective information materials including pamphlets and information brochures and engage in public relations work in their respective countries. Throughout this process, special efforts will be made to recognize and integrate important ethnic and cultural aspects in each individual country and community.

This work package includes:

5.1 Project website

5.2 Presentation event: Symposium Cambodia

5.3 Presentation event: Symposium Sri Lanka

5.4 Public relations

5.5 Roadshows

5.6 Final conference: Cambodia

5.7 Final conference: Sri Lanka