SAVE THE DATE - Virtual Monthly Meeting on Monday, October 11, 2021, at 9 A.M. (CET)
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At PUC, CONTESSA will be integrated in the existing BA-Ed. TESOL degree program. The below information outlines the details:
  • Category: Integration into existing degree program
  • Degree level: Bachelor’s degree
  • Name of degree programBA-Ed. in TESOL
  • Number of credits per module: 0.5 credits / 7.5 contact hours (Cambodian National Qualifications Framework /U.S. system)
  • Optional or compulsory: Compulsory
    • Module 1 is integrated in the Foundations of Education course (EDUC 300)
    • Module 2 is in the Methodology in TESOL I (EDUC 402)
    • Module 3 is in the Methodology in TESOL II (EDUC 403)
    • Module 4 is in Seminar in TESOL (EDUC 407)
    • Module 5 is in Introduction to TESOL (EDUC 400)

PUC Approval Timeline

The Phnom Penh Teacher Education Center is also interested in integrating the modules into their teacher training program in 2021. The timeline and details for this partnership are below.

Phnom Penh Teacher Education Center Approval Timeline