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Prof. Thomas Köhler and Orkhan Jalilov will present CONTESSA at the 23th annual conference GeNeMe on "Communities in New Media" in Dresden with their submission entitles, “EduTech Implementation in a global higher education network. Empirical data from a field study in South Asia”.

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CONTESSA is a new Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission that makes a significant contribution to the branch of Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE). The project is led by the University of Graz and aims to further the development of teaching skills in Cambodia and Sri Lanka through carefully selected partnerships with institutions of higher education and local educational organizations.

The goal of Capacity Building projects in the field of higher education is to encourage the cooperation between the EU and partner countries to address the challenges and opportunities among higher education institutions.

After extensive research by the University of Graz, teacher education was found to be a most crucial issue in South Asian schools. Teachers are a core element of the educational world and improving the teaching skills of future and current educators in both Cambodia and Sri Lanka will make a significant contribution that will have lasting individual and societal impacts.

Through the joint cooperation of the partner institutions in Austria, Cambodia, Germany, and Sri Lanka, the development of contemporary education and training programs will provide the necessary tools for teachers and institutions to meet international standards.