1.1 Project team consolidation and staffing plan
1.2 Detailed work package specification
1.3 Provision of a CONTESSA project manual
1.4 Project environmental and stakeholder analysis

2.1 Development and implementation of a training needs analysis
2.2 Establishing a didactic concept for Train-the-Trainer
2.3 Development of a Train-the-Trainer program
2.4 Establishing a trainer tutorial
2.5 Conducting Train-the-Trainer workshops

3.1 Development of a didactic concept for the development of teaching skills
3.2 Development of contents and tasks
3.3 E-didactic conceptualization and realization
3.4 Technical realization
3.5 Institutional realization

4.1 Periodic internal evaluations
4.2 Testing Train-the-Trainer
4.3 Testing online modules
4.4 External evaluation
4.5 Financial audit

5.1 Project website
5.2 Presentation event: Symposium Cambodia
5.3 Presentation event: Symposium Sri Lanka
5.4 Public relations
5.5 Roadshows
5.6 Final conference: Cambodia
5.7 Final conference: Sri Lanka

6.1 Preparation of official documents
6.2 Management of financial risks
6.3 Monitoring of progress in terms of task completion
6.4 Meetings and Skype conferences
6.5 Reports