The overall aim of CONTESSA was to develop a teacher training program that provides high-quality contemporary education that will ultimately equip current and future teachers with the skills needed to develop a wide range of didactic methods which they can in turn use to engage, empower and educate their students.

CONTESSA had three main objectives that reached across the three targets groups:

  • Teacher trainers are offered a comprehensive Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program in the form of a multi-day workshop placing a focus on contemporary educational theories, approaches and methods in order to strengthen the quality of university teaching.
  • Trainee teachers are provided with access to an online-based learning program that consists of five modules and places an emphasis on the acquisition of modern and applicable teaching skills. This program is available on an OER platform.
  • In-service teachers are provided with access to modified online-modules that have been adapted to fit the continued education needs of teachers who are currently working in classrooms.