WORK2021-Conference, 14 October 2021

CONTESSA and the Train-the-Trainer program were presented at the Work2021-Conference in Turku, Finland. Andreas Dürrschmidt from the Chair of Adult Education and Continuing Vocational Education at Dresden University of Technology (TUD) was happy to contribute to the conference´s overall topic “Work Beyond Crises”. The presentation dealt with the challenges of education programs that strongly rely…

Conference 2021 – 23-24 July 2021

Professor Manjula Vithanapathirana spoke at a roundtable discussion entitled ‘Education in Crisis: Rethinking Education in (Post) Pandemic South Asia.’ The 2021 online conference was organized by the University of Oxford from July 23-24 and highlighted the need for remote teacher development programs such as CONTESSA, which will be fulfilling the need for a primary teacher development program through a blended or online mode in the post-pandemic context in South Asia.

International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning (TEL 2021), April 23 – 24

International conference on Teaching, Education and Learning will cover the rigorous analysis of the educational process, systems and approaches along with the cultural, societal, political, historical and economic contexts. Professor Manjula Vithanapathirana delivered the keynote address for the Conference on CONTESSA with the title “A Blended Learning Primary Teacher Education Innovation: Lessons from an international collaboration between Europe and Asia amidst of COVID-19 pandemic.”